The Benefits

Full load, full capacity testing can  and should be used on all critical battery applications, where a failure of the battery to operate to its capacity could be hazardous or cause considerable disruption.

Simpler battery monitoring systems can be useful in predicting some problems, and a routine replacement programme can reduce failure risks. But the only way to confirm a battery will operate at its design rating is to test it at full load and to full capacity.

The Intelligent Charging range of universal, programmable battery charger/analysers has been designed to perform these tests automatically, for a wide range of battery technologies and sizes. They will then correctly recharge the battery and print a test certificate for Quality Control purposes.

Many commercial and environmental benefits arise from this Battery Assurance technology too. The reasons will often include:

E.G aviation uses – aircraft batteries MUST by law be checked at regular intervals. There are also similar military applications.

Risk assessments need to consider: “What are the consequences of a battery failure?” and where a serious risk is indicated, a schedule of full-load testing should be implemented.

Proper battery testing will avoid expensive failures & down-time in businesses that rely on battery power for their operations (and their reputation). Examples:– in mobile telephony transmitters and road haulage fleets.

ALL batteries contain toxic chemicals, and minimising their disposal and replacement is a great benefit to the global environment.

Significant savings can be made by replacing batteries ONLY when they are proven to be substandard. To change/scrap a viable battery as a matter of routine is very wasteful. Heavy duty batteries are expensive, and a single charger/analyser can test, validate and charge hundreds of them per year. Example:  truck fleets.

Service & maintenance companies can gain increased revenue from an enhanced service offering that includes advanced battery testing. E.g. vehicle & ship maintenance businesses/electric wheelchair & mobility scooters.

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