It was a few days before Christmas and Intelligent Charging Limited came to the rescue when Air-Tec Aviation Maintenance, based at the Bethlehem Airfield in South Africa, came to us when they urgently required our help. Our products were urgently required.

Intelligent Charging received a phone call from Air-Tec Aviation Maintenance stating that they required two of our products to be shipped to Costa Rica immediately. Fortunately, Intelligent Charging hold their standard battery Charger Analyser range in stock. But with it being a few days before the Christmas period, Intelligent Charging still needed to perform a standard calibration procedure and then complete all correct documentation to make sure our goods were to the correct standard. And then pack and ship them to Costa Rica in time.

The battery charger analyzer unit that Air-Tec required was the MB73P+ and also another product of ours which was the SHUNT60A. Air-tec have a few of our chargers and the MB73P+ has been their most popular product. Riaan De Jager from Air-Tec Aviation Maintenance said: “We are also very happy with the chargers; we have replaced almost all of our chargers with the MB73P+.”

All in good time the products were calibrated, packaged and picked up before the Christmas break and just in time to get over to Costa Rica. It was a pleasure helping the company at such a crucial time. Air-Tec were extremely satisfied with our service: “It was a potential AOG situation, which was averted because of the help we received from your side” said Riaan De Jager. “We have quite a few of your chargers on our different bases and the service has always been excellent, especially with our very particular Christmas wish. From order to courier collection was very quick, and Colin Freeston in particular was extremely helpful and willing to assist.”

Air-Tec Aviation Maintenance are an Authorized Service Centre for the LET (Aircraft Industries a.a.) factory. They accommodate any maintenance services from the refurbishment of the interior to the painting of the exterior and all avionic upgrades covering complete maintenance of the aircraft. You can find out more about the company and the maintenance department here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our battery maintenance and testing products, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!