Recommended by leading aircraft and battery manufacturers, the TS25 MkII has a proven track record world-wide. It is standard specified support equipment for the BAE’s Hawk Jet and Mantis UAV.

Designed for busy maintenance workshops, with its on-board battery library storing data on different battery types, the rugged and reliable the TS25 MKII charger is suitable for every industry where batteries are used and where those batteries cannot be allowed to fail.

  • Dual independent channels can charge two different batteries simultaneously

  • Parallel charge for extra heavy-duty batteries

  • Charges up to 30V – Vented or Sealed Lead Acid (Pb), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries

  • Flexible charge and capacity test parameters allow processing of alternate composition batteries

  • Constant Voltage – or – Constant Current Charge – or – Constant Current With Top Up Charge

  • Charge Current: 12A From 1.2V Up To 30V

  • Discharge Current: 25A from 30V down to 4.0V

  • The on-board battery library is capable of storing data on different battery types

  • Software controlled self-calibration facility which amounts to zero downtime for calibration

See Product Details below for full information.

NATO stock number:  NSN 6130-99-481-9367
Alternative part numbers
TS25-BAS1-KIT  /  TS25-BAS1-CAN240

Data Sheet
Operators Manual

Product Details for TS25 MKII

  • Dual Independent Channels – Charge Two Different Batteries Simultaneously
  • Parallel Charge For Extra Heavy-duty Batteries
  • Charges Up To 30V, Vented Or Sealed Lead Acid (Pb), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) Batteries
  • Flexible Charge And Capacity Test Parameters Allow Processing Of Alternate Composition Batteries
  • Constant Current Charge
  • Constant Voltage Charge
  • Auto Terminate On Complete Charge Cycle
  • ONE Mode For Both Channels Working Together On One Battery
  • 12A From 1.2V Up To 30V Per Channel
  • Parallel Charge At 24A In ONE Mode
  • 25A From 30V Down To 4.0V.
  • Lower Currents Are Available For Voltages Outside This Range
  • Parallel Discharge In ONE Mode Allows One Battery To Be Capacity Tested At 50A
  • Capacity Test Battery Efficiency Is Displayed Upon Completion
  • Battery Library Stores Battery Data
  • It May Be Updated By The User Changeable Memory
  • Comes Pre-programmed With A List Of Standard And Military Batteries Used Worldwide
  • 2 Three Digit Seven Segment LED Displays
  • LED Indicators To Show Modes And Status Of Operation
  • Audible Alarm Indicates Process Completion
  • Software Controlled Calibration Procedure
  • Can Be Re-calibrated In-house With Minimal External Equipment
  • Can Be Supplied In Either 240v or 115v 50-60hz Mains Input
  • Supplied As Standard In Mild Steel Powder Coated Enclosure
  • 46kg (101lbs)
  • L. 58 cm x W. 23 cm x H. 42.5 cm (L. 22.8 x W. 9 x H. 16.7 inches)
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