The TS1340+ battery charger/analyser is an electronically controlled, fully automatic, universal battery charging unit combined with built-in battery analysing (capacity testing) capabilities.

Driven by requirements of the British MOD, and designed from the outset for military service, the ruggedisd TS1340+ will handle the harshest of conditions. It is in service with the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF, along with other military organisations across the globe.

It may be configured for use from a standard ship’s supply of 115V 50/60Hz, or it can be supplied for use with 220-240V 50/60Hz mains.

This latest unit boasts a much larger range of features, and its greatly enhanced display and keypad layout makes error free battery maintenance a certainty. See the product details below for full specifications.

NATO stock number: NSN 6130-99-391-3441

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Product Details for TS1340+

TS1340+ Battery charger and analyser

  • Driven by recommendations from the British MOD, designed for military service the TS1340+ is designed to handle the harshest of conditions
  • This unit boasts a large range of features, and its greatly enhanced display and keypad layout makes error free battery maintenance a certainty
  • Up to 24V
  • Vented lead acid
  • Sealed lead acid (Pb)
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh)
  • Constant Current
  • Constant Voltage (With Process ChargeOoption)
  • Two Step And Three Step
  • Auto Termination On Complete Charge Cycle And Battery Failure
  • For 12V Batteries Nominal Maximum of 40A For 24V Batteries Nominal Maximum of 25A
  • For 12V Batteries 0.1A to 60A Constant Current
  • For 24V Batteries 0.1A to 50A Constant Current
  • Capacity Test Terminates On Threshold Voltage Or Process Time Complete, Holding The Battery Efficiency Figure On The Display
  • Four Wire Voltage Sensing Is Employed To Minimise Errors From Voltage Drops In Connecting Cables
  • Battery Data Library The Library Holds Up To 250 Full Sets Of Battery Data
  • It May Be Updated By The User Changeable Memory
  • Comes Pre-programmed With A List Of Standard Military NSN Listed Batteries Most Extensively Used World-wide
  • Battery Library Can Be Sent To The Printer Output
  • 2 Line 40 Character Alphanumeric Vacuum Fluorescent Technology Employed
  • Ensuring Visual Display Even In The Murkiest Of Conditions
  • Software Controlled Calibration Procedure – No Need To Send Unit Away
  • The Unit Has Built In Diagnostics Ensuring That Any Faults Should They Occur Can Be Detected And Remedied In The Field
  • IP55 Mild Steel Powder Coated Or Optional Stainless Steel
  • 45kg (99lbs)
  • L. 56.4cm x W.27.5cm x H. 49cm (L. 22.2 x W. 10.8 x H. 19.3 Inches)
  • Printer Interface Unit Has Built In Printer Interface Where Test Results May Be Printed On A Commercial Serial Printer
  • Audio/Visual, Plus Mute Option
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