Project Description

A major development in battery charger/analysers from Intelligent Charging Limited reduces charge time to a tenth of standard period required!

When KLM UK Engineering approached Intelligent Charging Limited for a new battery charger, neither company knew that it would lead to the development of a new product which would bring significant benefits and reduce the downtime for batteries to a fifth or one tenth of the standard charge period, depending on the battery type.

KLM UK Engineering contacted Intelligent Charging Limited about a requirement to be able to fast charge the new generation of batteries. After discussions Intelligent Charging were able to offer them a solution which was to take the current new MB73P+ battery charger and implement some significant modifications to it that would allow it to perform a 50A constant current charge up to 40V. This means that the modified charger/analyser the IC50A is now capable of charging batteries using a 1.0C charge instead of either 0.2C or 0.1C. So producing a charge time of either one fifth or one tenth of the standard charge period.

Trevor Pratley is the Supervisor for all electrical and calibration services at KLM UK Engineering. “Before we had the IC50A charger/analyser each battery would take a minimum 14hour or overnight charge period. Now we can fully charge a battery within 5 hours. I can’t emphasise enough the huge difference this has made. The fast turn around has led to enormous savings in downtime between removing and replacing the battery. The pressure on the engineers is significantly decreased which has had a direct effect on our working practices.” Trevor continued “Another major benefit is that the new charger/analyser is suitable for use with the majority of battery types. Therefore we are able to offer a battery charging service to other companies on site and other local operators. We save time on our own operations and also generate new work and income to more than cover the investment costs of the charger.”

“The new model IC50A Intelligent Charging Limited battery charger is an important development in charger/analyser technology.” Said Colin Freeston, Technical Director of Intelligent Charging Limited. “It completes its function in a fraction of the standard time and is suitable for most battery types. Because of the positive feedback from KLM UK Engineering the new model IC50A charger is now available as part of our standard product range.”