Clients have included:

  • British Royal Navy

  • British Royal Air Force

  • British Army and Special Forces

  • Royal Netherlands Air Force

  • Bangladesh Air Force

  • BAE Systems

  • And many international Air Forces that use the BAE Hawk Jet (for which our TS25 charger / analyzer is specified ground equipment)

How We Can Help

The “Intelligent Charging” product range was originally born from military requirements with the realisation that the TRUE condition of a vital battery could only be determined by a full load, full capacity testing. Also that automated equipment designed for this function would ensure reliability, avoid human errors and save critical time in the field.

From our original designs until now, “Intelligent Charging” have used a continuous development philosophy to ensure the current product range offers state-of-the-art technology while being thoroughly proven in the field. Some early units are still operating and still supported after 20+ years. Latest products offer huge improvements in sophistication, performance and weight.

All military functions can be “critical”, so it is now generally accepted that in weapons, vehicles and other key battery-based equipment the battery system should be tested routinely and rigorously.

As well as offering standard military units, we offer a specialist bespoke design & manufacture service for specific requirements.