Recently there has been discussions between us here at Intelligent Charging and XM655 Maintenance and Preservation Society regarding the MB73 charger that was donated to them by us a few years back.

Intelligent Charging were happy to help XM655 when Charles Brimson (the Chairman) contacted Colin Freeston (Technical Director at Intelligent Charging) directly after they needed a calibration on the charger and kindly asked for this to be returned to us. After some correspondence between them both it came to their attention that the charger we donated back in 2008 was only able to charge at a maximum of 7amps which meant that their 36Ah aircraft batteries were  unable to get enough charge during the working day.

Colin offered XM655 one of our refurbished TS1340 units, which works just like the MB73 although these are able to charge a 24V battery at a maximum of 14Amps and could do a capacity test at 40A unlike their current charger which required 100 minutes to complete a capacity test.

The Chairman was extremely happy with our offer to help them and the Avro Vulcan Bomber, stationed at Wellsbourne Mountfield Airfield, and us here at Intelligent Charging look forward to helping them by calibrating their MB73 and also providing them with the TS1340 battery charger analyser.

The XM655 Avro Vulcan is one of the few bombers that remains in ground running condition. Thanks to the XM655 Maintenance and Preservation Society, they aim to keep the Vulcan up and running for as long as possible. And us here at Intelligent Charging are grateful to be able assist them achieve this. You can find out more about the XM655 MaPs here.

If you are interested in any battery chargers for your critical applications or have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help