Designed for heavy-duty aircraft and marine batteries, and others in performance-critical environments. Crucial battery maintenance is now a simple and economical automated process, with no attention required from ‘START’ to ‘PRINT RESULTS’.

Developed from and technically similar to the MB73P+, the IC50A is a more powerful battery analyser (capacity tester) and charger combined into one compact unit. With 60-Amp capacity test for 24V batteries, it is the ideal solution for many Airbus and Boeing 737 batteries, and more.

Battery Range:

  • Can charge and capacity test batteries from 1.2V up to 40V !
  • Charges almost all battery technologies.

NATO stock number: NSN 6130-99-479-7849

Many advanced features – see full product details below.

Data Sheet
Operators Manual

Product Details for IC50A

  • Charge 50A For Both 12V and 24V Batteries
  • Constant Voltage Charge
  • Constant Current Charge
  • Constant Current 4 Step Charge – Steps Can Be Used As Rest Periods
  • Discharge 60A For Both 12V and 24V Batteries
  • Battery Volts, Amps & Time Displayed On A Clear Display
  • Shows Calibration Status
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Support For Cell Monitoring Accessories
  • 24 User-Programmed Battery Data Libraries
  • Only Three Keystrokes Needed To Start
  • Audio Alarm To Indicate Process Completion Or Failure
  • Internally Protected From Overloads
  • Reverse Or No Battery Connection Protected
  • Automatically Shuts Down If Battery Disconnected During Charge
  • L. 44.3cm x W. 34.6cm x H. 31.45cm (L. 17.44 x W. 13.62 x H. 12.38 Inches)
  • 35kg. (77lbs)
  • Internal Printer
  • Support For Cell Monitoring Accessories
  • 240V 50Hz Mains Input
  • Bench Mounted
  • Supplied With 1 Set Of Leads 100cm Long With 8mm Ring Crimps
  • Alternative Or Longer Lead Sets Available
  • 1 Year RTB Warranty
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