Emergency Power Supplies & UPS

“Intelligent Charging” automatic battery charger/analysers have a proven track record world-wide. They are vital maintenance equipment for any battery-critical situations, such as:

  • Emergency generator starting

  • Computer server backup supplies

  • Security systems standby power

  • Telecommunication equipment

  • and many more

How We Can Help

UPS/Emergency supplies: Emergency/uninterruptible power systems are by definition designed to prevent a power supply problem turning into a disaster or emergency, and the equipment to which they are connected will always be critical to operations. But the internal battery is often the weakest link, and source of unnecessary failures.

A battery powered back-up/standby unit is only as good as its battery’s state of performance at the moment of need. This performance will deteriorate over time whether the battery is used or not, and cannot be measured by simple off-load tests.

Full load, full capacity testing should be used on all critical battery applications, where a failure of the battery to operate to its capacity could be hazardous or create major disruption.

Although simple battery monitoring systems can predict some problems, and a routine replacement programme (expensive) can reduce failure risks, the only way to confirm a battery will operate at its design rating is to test it at full load and to full capacity.

Airlines, aviation maintenance operators, military bodies and industrial users worldwide use “Intelligent Charging” battery charger/analysers to guarantee critical battery performance. And they perform these operations automatically, for maximum reliability and minimum cost.