Spare parts and Cable sets.

Intelligent Charging is able to supply additional or replacement battery lead assemblies, standard cable sets, special cable sets and calibrating shunt kits’

Standard cable sets comprise positive and negative leads 100cm length terminated with 8mm Ring crimps. Standard L1m.JPG (843713 bytes)
Fitted with heavy-duty brass battery clamps pictured. Battery Clamps 1m.jpg (985291 bytes)

We can supply cable assemblies fitted with various alternative connectors such as standard SAFT battery connectors and HAWKER connectors.

SAFT Connector sets pictured. Elcon or Reblin 7007. Reblin 7007 1m.jpg (836509 bytes)
HAWKER Connector sets. Suits Hawker Enersys Batteries. Hawker Enersys 1m.jpg (1256108 bytes)




To perform the routine calibration without return to base, we can offer the SHUNT60A, which when used with a calibrated voltmeter, battery current can be monitored enabling calibration to be performed.
SHUNT60A.jpg (34827 bytes)
Inserted in line with the existing battery leads.
4.0mm Shrouded jack plugs for meter termination.
Designed to work with currents up to 60A.
Can pay for itself in two years.
Contact us for more details and prices.
Cannot be used with AD120
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