Intelligent Charging has a long history of producing state of the art electronically controlled military styled battery charger and capacity testers for military markets as well as the commercial airline and smaller aviation service companies.

Used by the Royal Navy, and recommended by leading aircraft and battery manufacturers, the Intelligent Charging range of battery charger/analysers have a proven track record world wide.


Our Flagship MB73P+

Battery chargers and analysers military technology at a commercial price

For that extra fast charge IC50A

Following a requirement from a major airline engineering unit, Intelligent Charging produced a high current charge unit. This high-spec model, based upon the MB73 series charger/analyser is now available as one of our standard products.


For higher voltage batteries or high charge/discharge rates the IC48V

Designed to maintain 48V battery sets the IC48V has an impressive 100A charge/capacity test rate for 12 batteries or 80A for 24V batteries, or if you want to go high voltage can charge/capacity test 48V batteries at 40A. All in a lightweight (25Kg) unit.


High current capacity testing CT75A

With up to 100.0A capacity testing capability, this model will satisfy the most demanding aviation battery. 

For smaller battery maintenance IC8A OR IC8P

Following a requirement from one of our Irish aviation counterparts the IC8A and IC8P has been developed to be used in the maintenance of emergency lighting and similar smaller power packs.


SBSC11Q 4  channel automatic SLA charger with de-sulphating facility.

Designed specifically for Hawker Enersys SBSC11 12.0V SLA Batteries we are able to offer this custom unit as a standard part of our range.


MOD Approved and Nato listed TS1340+

Driven by the MoD, and built for military service, the TS1340+ is designed to handle the harshest of conditions. The unit boasts a large range of features, and it’s greatly enhanced display and keypad layout makes error-free battery maintenance a certainty.


Standard AGE for BAE Hawk

Now the specified support equipment for BAE's MANTIS UAV 

Recommended by most leading aircraft and battery manufacturers has a world-wide proven track record – with its on-board battery library makes it suitable for every industry where batteries are used. 

TS2X020 Dual channel portable battery charger

The TS2X020 is a portable and lightweight battery charger intended for rapid charging of vehicle batteries in the field. 

Custom services

Utilising our technical expertise and our modular charger/test construction, Intelligent Charging is able to provide custom designed units to suit specialist applications all within a very short timescale. This was achieved for a specialist Lithium Polymer battery application.

LSU80A 10V to 27V - 80.0A Load support unit

For maintaining on-line loads on traction vehicles.

LSU220A 10V to 27V - 220A Load support unit

For maintaining high loads on traction vehicles.


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