May 2013 Intelligent Charging is working closely with the Irish company PowerServe to develop a new battery charger analyser which can perform capacity testing and charging on 48V batteries. The new charger housed in the same enclosure as the IC50A boasts a whopping 100A charge/capacity test for 12V batteries, 80A for 24V batteries and 40A for 48v batteries. This requirement was realised by the EU Regulation on the servicing of battery backup batteries for Railway locomotives. This all in a 25Kg unit.
June 2012 Intelligent charging can announce that we have worked with the Ministry of Defence's design arm QinetiQ assisting them with the development of a new battery charger used for charging Lithium Polymer battery packs.
November 2011 Intelligent charging has just completed trials on it's IC50A product to increase the capacity testing ability. The IC50A now boasts a 60.0A capacity test capability on 24.0V NiCd and Lead Acid batteries.
September 2011 Intelligent charging has just completed the build of a new battery charger for use by the UK Army. This unit is designed to safely charge up to four lead 12.0V acid gel SBS batteries simultaneously.
July 2010 Intelligent charging has learnt that its military model battery charger the TS1340+ has been specified as the battery room equipment for the two new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft carriers for the UK MoD due for delivery in 2016 and 2018
April 2010 Intelligent charging has now launched its new smaller size unit to satisfy the charging and capacity testing of emergency power packs and similar small packs, where a large unit is either costly or inappropriate. The IC8 is available now.
Aug 2009 Intelligent charging have launched a new battery analysers, the CT75A. Having capacity testing capability of 100.0A (12V) and 80.0A (24V) in a small compact unit at an affordable price.
Nov 2008 Working in conjunction with KLM Engineering,  Intelligent Charging produces a new variant of the MB range of battery chargers.

Aug 2008 Intelligent Charging comes to the rescue to the volunteers who maintain the Vulcan XM655 
Mar 2008 Intelligent Charging Limited appoints SATAIR as a distributor of Intelligent Charging Products

Satair Group

Sept 2006 Intelligent Charging launches the new budget priced charger analyser the MB73+

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