Universal Cell Monitoring for Intelligent Charging Battery Charger Analysers.

Battery charging cell monitoring can be time consuming, inefficient in terms of man- power requirements and may generate some health and safety concerns.

Intelligent Charging are pleased to introduce our new fully automated Universal Cell Monitoring attachments for use with nickel cadmium batteries.

Using flying leads, the Universal Cell Monitoring unit is ideal for both one-off batteries or for multiple battery types.

An attachable crown assembly is designed to suit your battery – clipping on the battery top and automatically making all cell connections via stainless steel probes.

Once connected, unlike many other units, the electrical connections are fully isolated and if cell voltages are required to be externally measured, this is performed by using the isolated 4mm sockets on the Universal Cell Monitoring unit.

Fully automated process mode functions allowing a complete program of discharge, cell balance, battery charge, capacity test, and service charge - all in one operation, inclusive of reporting of battery condition – WITHOUT operative intervention 

Advantages of Intelligent Charging Universal Cell Monitoring:

  • Fully automated

  • Simply to use

  • Cost effective in man-power requirements

  • Energy saving by stopping early if dead cell detected

  • Universal to battery type

  • Automatic cell connections

  • Fully isolated electrical connections

  • External cell voltage measurement available

  • Auto calibrates against battery voltage at every reading.

  • Transparent construction – unhindered electrolyte level viewing

  • Vent tubes for electrolyte viewing and filling without connection disturbance

  • Alarm system can be set to act as operative reminders

  • Reduced H & S risk of burns to hands whilst attaching balancing resistors

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Cell Monitor Technical Specifications

  • Power +5.0V derived from charger analyser.

  • Cell Voltage Range -2.5V to +2.5V.

  • Max No. Cells 20.

  • Full Scan Rate 5 seconds.

  • Balance Switching current 2.0A.

  • Balance continuous current 1.0A.

  • Balance Resistance 1.0R ±1% 2W.

  • Curly cable connection to host.

  • Cell connecting leads 1.0m length.

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